Since ancient times, all cultures have considered shooting stars to be lucky charms. And now you can buy a little piece of this extraterrestrial material and bring the stars down from the heavens for a loved one.

You get a piece of matter from the universe that has landed on our Earth after its everlasting journey through the universe to bring happiness to your partner or another loved one.

What is a shooting star?

A shooting star is identified as a glowing light phenomenon in the sky that comes from a cosmic body of origin. If the body of origin is small, then it glows as a shooting star when entering the earth’s atmosphere.

Shooting stars move at a speed of about 40,000 to 260,000 km/h. By decelerating and interacting with air molecules in the earth’s atmosphere, the surface of the meteoroid melts and evaporates completely. Small shooting stars glow at an altitude of about 20 to 50 km. However, if the body of origin is big enough, it passes through the Earth’s atmosphere and falls to the ground as a so-called “fireball” (bolide), which – upon hitting the ground – is ultimately referred to as “meteorite”. The shooting star (meteorite) is accompanied by a bright light and a sound of hissing or thunder.

What do I get?

It is a genuine and certified shooting star (iron meteorite), about 0.4 to 0.6 inches in size. It came to us in 1947 after a long journey from the depths of the universe that took millions of years – just so that you can now give it to your loved one as a gift. Your shooting star comes with a shooting star certificate that includes authentication.

The certificate confirms the authenticity of your shooting star and provides information on where it was found. On the back, you will find fascinating general information about your shooting star. It’s a wonderful, well-rounded gift that is also suitable for births or communions.

Personal dedication

This naturally includes a personal dedication. We will send you two dedication certificates, which you can fill out yourself. Nothing is more personal than a handwritten dedication. There are two coming, so that you can calmly write a dedication on the first one.

There is enough room for a few kind words. Let yourself be inspired and write a very personal greeting based on the fantastic gift you are giving.


Certificate of authenticity

Also included is, of course, a certificate with which we confirm the authenticity of the iron meteorite. This is NOT a symbolic shooting star, but a REAL shooting star, namely an iron meteorite, which has had a long journey through space.

There is information about the exact composition of the shooting star, as well as data about the day and place of impact on Earth.

The Best Gift for Valentine’s Day

What better gift can you give your beloved than to bring them the stars from the sky? Such a gift is no longer a pipe dream, as you can actually present somebody with a real shooting star. What could be more romantic?

For Good Luck

Would you like to wish your loved ones luck? You now have the opportunity to give it to them! Shooting stars have been considered a lucky charm since time immemorial, because as “messengers from outer space” they carry all of the information since the dawn of space and time. Shooting stars fulfill a dream for the one who sees them, so they say. We have fetched the shooting stars from the sky for you. Enjoy a real meteorite that has travelled millions of years through space to reach us here on earth. A real shooting star in a gift set with a certificate of authenticity and an information sheet, as well as two dedication certificates – a real unique specimen. This set is the perfect gift to affirm true love, deep connection, and true friendship.

Meteorites, also known as shooting stars, have been a fascination for humanity for centuries. These are rock fragments from outer space that penetrate Earth’s atmosphere and impact on the Earth’s surface. The beauty and uniqueness of these objects make them a special and unusual gift idea that is sure to impress the recipient.

Giving a meteorite piece as a gift can be very personal and meaningful. It shows the recipient that you have made an effort to find something special and unique that can take its place in their life. Even though a meteorite is not a typical gift, it can create a unique connection between the giver and the receiver.

Another advantage of giving a meteorite piece as a gift is that there are many options to choose from. There are different types of meteorites that come from different parts of the solar system. For example, there are iron meteorites, stone meteorites, and even meteorites that come from the Moon and Mars. Each meteorite has its own story and origin, which makes the gift even more special.

Meteorites are also a great gift for astronomy enthusiasts. They may be able to appreciate and understand the history and significance of the meteorite, and may value it as a valuable piece of their hobby and interest.

The beauty and uniqueness of a meteorite piece can also serve as decoration. It can serve as a conversation piece on a desk or bookshelf and is a great way to bring a piece of the universe into one’s home. A meteorite piece can also be incorporated into jewelry to create a beautiful and unique accessory.